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NoFloods PRO


The NoFloods Barrier PRO solution offers professional, flexible and cost-efficient large-scale flood protection. The NoFloods PRO solution can be deployed on all surfaces (such as but not limited to sand, grass, asphalt and concrete) and in almost any configuration (circles, 45 degree turns, 90 degree turns etc.).

The NoFloods PRO can be delivered in modules ranging from 50 meters up to 200 meters and in four standard heights (NoFloods Twin PRO 60, NoFloods Twin PRO 125, NoFloods Triple PRO 60/40 and NoFloods Triple PRO 125/80) and consists of two terminals and two/ three water filled parallel tubes, permanently joined to form a flood barrier element with high static stability.

As the only solution on the market the NoFloods Barrier PRO can be in installed in 200 meter sections which facilitates easy and rapid installment. Additionally each section can be continuously extended by the interconnection of special junctions to create an almost infinite length/ prolongation of the barrier to suit the risk. Additionally it is possible to attach a membrane which further enhances the stability of the barrier and minimizes seepage. 

The NoFloods PRO solution is made for high volume pumps and 1 km of the flood barrier can easily be filled from just one single access point.

The mobile flood barrier has a very high safety factor and due to the hydraulic conditions the barrier will remain stable irrespective of the surface on which it has been deployed.

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NoFloods - Mont de Marsan, France.                       NoFloods - KEG Gaz, Hungary                       NoFloods - KEG Gaz, Hungary

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