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7,400 meters of NoFloods Barriers deployed in 16 locations!

In December 2016, Denmark was hit by the winter storm Urd. Strong winds caused a considerable increase in the level of the fjord waters of up to 150
– and some places up to 180 cm. Private and public buildings placed close to the water were at risk, and the need for temporary protection was very urgent.

DSC 0547R

 During the storm, Environment Solutions was in close contact with municipalities and emergency services to ensure that sufficient NoFloods Barriers
(water tubes) in various heights and lengths were available to protect their territory. More than 7,400 meters of NoFloods Barriers were deployed in 16
strategic locations around Denmark. The barriers were able to prevent damage,and provided protection for many public institutions and a number of
private buildings.
Please take a look at the pictures of the different deployments and contact us if you need an evaluation of your most sensitive areas.

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Case Køge

In December 2016, the winter storm Urd caused a water increase of 1.48 metres above its usual level in Køge. Such an increase has not been seen in
the past 100 years and required immediate action.

Koge December 2016


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Case Dragør

The Dragør Museum is a 264 year-old historical building of great cultural value and located very close to the sea. In December 2016, it was threatened
by a rising water level of 1.30 meters.

2ab. Stormflod Dragor


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Case ICE collage – Jyllinge & Køge

During the deployment, temperatures were low and one morning well below the freezing point, causing the water in and around the barrier to freeze.

Jyllinge & Køge December 2016


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Case Roskilde

In December 2016, Roskilde Municipality deployed 600 metres of NoFlood Barriers to protect public and private properties close to the fjord that were
in danger of being damaged by the upcoming storm water.

Roskilde December 2016


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