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NoFloods PRO

NoFloods PRO Front

Based on the NoFloods technology, we have designed a
mobile barrier that offers professional, flexible and cost-
efficient large-scale flood protection, to mitigate:


The NoFloods PRO is easy to install, totally safe and uses
on-site water to fill the tube structure, forming a strong and
stable barrier. It is also possible to attach a membrane so
as to increase the protection height, further enhancing the
stability of the barrier and minimizing seepage

NoFloods PRO Configuration


 Table PRO


MODULARITY It can be delivered in modules ranging from 50 meters to 200 meters and in two standard heights:
NoFloods PRO 60 and NoFloods PRO 125.

ENDLESS Each PRO Barrier consists of a set of two water filled parallel tubes (TwinTubes) with two terminals in both
ends which can be continuously extended to create an almost infinite length/prolongation of the barrier to match the risk
of flooding.

STABILITY It adapts to the terrain and is therefore suitable for all common substrates such as grass, gravel and
asphalt.You can also attach a membrane to enhance its stability depending on the weather or environment.This
prevents the danger of skidding.

HIGHER PROTECTION To allow higher retention height, the NoFloods single tubes can be added on top of the  TwinTubes – for critical parts or the entire length, thus creating a NoFloods Triple solution:

NoFloods Twin Configuration NoFloods Triple Configuration

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